Saturday, October 27, 2007

Things to do when you can't fall asleep

This would be me tonight . . . 1. Watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the bazillionth time. I love this movie! 2. Add quotes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Facebook and blog. 3. Lurk around on Facebook. 4. Play Scrabble with people who are awake in the States. 5. Perfect googlepages technique and create several new links to my blog. 6. Type sermon outlines and reflect on what God taught me last week. 7. Pray for friends who are just starting to face their day in the States. 8. Read my Bible. 9. Start rearranging my bedroom. I want to create a "reading nook" and move my bookcase closer to where I read my Bible, so I don't have a pile of books on the floor by the window and have to go across the room to get desired books (Not that it's that far to the other side of the room, but when you have a Bible and notebook on your lap and another Bible study book propped up beside you and a cup of coffee in your hand, you don't want to displace everything to get the commentary or concordance that's on the other side of the room.) 10. Read a book (tonight's selection is The Alchemist) and hopefully fall asleep.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Youlean's Birthday Sleepover

Tonight my campus daughters (Youlean and Selwe) and a couple of their friends came over to celebrate Youlean's birthday, which is tomorrow. We swam in the pool, ate cake and ice cream, and watched a couple of movies (Nanny McPhee and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) Despite the sugar high from the cake, ice cream, Pepsi, and fire Cheetoes, they're passed out on the couch . . . or on their way to being asleep soon. For more pictures, click here.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Summit Meetings

Dr. Ollila preached for the revival meetings that were held at Harvest the week of Sunday, October 14, 2007. He opened the first service with this challenge: "I will be honest about my condition and obedient when God speaks."

Sunday a.m.: "Elements of Revival"

Sunday p.m.: "Anger"

Monday p.m.: "Laboring to be Accepted"

Tuesday p.m.: "Business Lessons from an Unjust Servant"

Wednesday a.m. HCA chapel: "Lessons from a Caveman"

Wednesday p.m.: "How Dreams Become Reality"

Thursday p.m.: "The Spirit-filled Family"

A Few Favorite Songs

Either the congregation or ensembles sang the following songs on Sunday. Each was a blessing to my soul and I've been pondering the words since. "Knowing You, Jesus by Graham Kendrick" I Will Glory in My Redeemer by Steve and Vikki Cook I am going to sing this song, "In the Valley," on Sunday evening. I've been singing this song a lot lately and it's really ministered to me because I identify with the words and the Lord's been teaching me about serving Him in the difficult times.

Nikko Hotel--A Relaxing Evening

After a hectic week, ending with a day that felt like a week in and of itself, my friend Jenni and I headed for the pool for a much needed break. I read a little, watched the sunset, took a million pictures of the sunset, swam and floated in the pool a bit, and talked with Jenni a bunch. It was a relaxing, refreshing evening.

Man in sarong (why?) blowing a horn that sounded like what I always imagined a shofar to sound like. Except it wasn't a call to worship or sound of victory; it was to draw the tourists in to the night show, which fortunately, we could not see from where we were.

Man who ran around the pool lighting the tiki torches

Fabulous sunset!

Me during the sunset