Monday, October 02, 2006

Go, Irish!

Bet you didn't know I was a Notre Dame fan! Well, I've only recently become one. My roommate Kelly is from South Bend, Indiana, so she is a die-hard fan. I watched some of the games with her last year but have really gotten into them this year. I've really surprised myself at how much I enjoy the games and at how much I've learned about football this year. I think I yelled as loud--and possibly more--than she did last week when ND squeaked in a win against Michigan State. It was fun to see them have a solid win this week after so many tense games this season. I guess practicing first and second downs in practice last week really helped. I have always found sports commentators amusing and interesting. They always tell you the most random information in between plays. For instance, yesterday I learned that Ryan Harris has an Introduction to Jazz class on Friday afternoons. Thank you for telling me that. My life is now complete.


axelyula said...

hey !!! i dont normally watch footbal but the football you watch is real interesting ..forreals!! i enjoi watching with people who know alot about football!! awesome , ill cheer for nd with you since that's the team im starting to know . im actually looking at their site. interesting.
anyways..thanks for letting me stay over!!
have an awesomest day!!!

axel yula

Natalie said...

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed watching the game with us! It doesn't take much to start liking such a great team, does it? :-)

Jessica Brown said...

I am so excited to see that you have chosen the right path by following an Indiana team. Notre Dame has always been my favorite but I don't get to watch much anymore.