Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Magnetic poetry

I love magnetic poetry. I have a couple sets up in my classroom and I love to see my students turn around and add a few words to the poems they've been working on (even if they are supposed to be paying attention to the lecture or activity). Here are a couple poems I wrote.

This poem makes me sound like I was depressed, but I was just being dramatic.

I have started the South Beach diet since writing this poem. I do miss chocolate! But I didn't want it to be the death of me.


Rachel said...

Hi Natalie,
I saw that you had a blog via Tammy's comment section. What funny poems you made up:). Fortunately for me, chocolate does not agree with my husband's Crohn's so we do not have it around the house all that often. Of course, we have M&M's whenever little Michael feels like sitting on the potty. He'll be 2 on Thursday so we're not in any great rush.
Feel free to stop by my blog sometime if you want to. I try to update it every few days but sometimes I get behind:). I hope that you are doing well and getting back into a routine. Have a great day (well, evening for you - LOL).

Ted said...

I love the second poem. If Guam needs a poet laureate, I'm sure this will put you on the short list!

Natalie said...

You're too kind, Ted!