Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Hike to Tarzan Falls

On Labor Day, a group of us hiked to Tarzan Falls down in southern Guam. We had a blast even though it was hot and muddy. I had been to Tarzan Falls twice during dry season and the hike wasn't nearly as slippery as it was on Monday. Even though the trail was messy, the rains made for a spectacular, gushing waterfall, when all I'd seen before was a trickle.

My friends, Elizabeth and Jodi, before we started the hike.

The first of many mud holes, which we encountered right at the beginning of the hike.

The view from the top of the falls

From above the falls

Jodi and me; I was getting up the courage to go under the falls

Elizabeth and me under the falls. I could barely keep my eyes open, the water pounded so hard!

Jodi and Jo under the falls

Playing in the water

Andrew climbing the falls; I tried this once and chickened out about halfway up, then it was worse trying to get back down!

A group of us after the hike; we're just a little bit muddier and wetter than we were when we started!

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