Monday, September 07, 2009

Whispers of His Power: Work and Practicing God's Presence

From the entry for July 28 in Amy Carmichael's devotional, Whispers of His Power.

Ps. 16:11—“In Thy presence is fullness of joy.”

“By the practice of the Presence of God, by steadfast gaze on Him, the soul comes to the knowledge of God, full and deep, to an Unclouded Vision: all its life is spent in unceasing acts of love and worship or contrition, and of simple trust, of praise and prayer and service; at times indeed life seems to be but one long unbroken practice of His Divine Presence.”

If this had been written by someone who had nothing to do but preach and pray, I should not find so much in it as I do when I remember that it was said by a cook, who had to give his mind to do what the foolish world calls common work.

The Lord of Brother Lawrence, who is our dear Lord too, help us to grow more and more into this life which is one unbroken practice of His blessed Presence.

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