Friday, November 03, 2006

Botched Joke--Whatever!

John Kerry has a history of not saying what he means to say or of denying that what he said is really what he said. Instead of simply apologizing for his inappropriate statement, Kerry is now trying to blame the media for "misinterpreting" his comment. If you're interested, you can read James Taranto's commentary and research here. And why is it okay for Kerry to make jokes about the president, but not about the military? Since Bush is the Commander-in-Chief of America's armed forces, Kerry's comments about Bush's leadership in the war are against the military. I would not want someone so unsupportive of my sacrificial work to be my Commander-in-Chief. Furthermore, slandering the president not only harms the military but it also hurts the entire United States.


Lae said...
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John said...

Hey Natalie! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently.

I agree with you, Kerry is a moron. Sad thing is that Ignatieff, the big contender for Canada's next election, is much the same.


Hope all is well!