Saturday, February 03, 2007

Yap--Part II (The Mark Zimmer family)

On Saturday we went out in Mark's boat to go swimming and snorkling.

Me and April on the boat.

Diane Zimmer on the boat.

A view of Yap from the boat--it was raining on island, but it was cool to see the island from that perspective.

A view of the ocean from the boat.

On Saturday afternoon, April and I got to see some of the island from the back of Mark's truck. First we went to pick up Clara, and then we went to a stone money bank in Rull.

Here's the view of a beautiful lagoon we drove around numerous times a day.

April and me in the back of Mark's truck after we got back from our sightseeing trip.

Yap Baptist Church

Playing with the Zimmer kids and their puppies:

On Saturday night, Mark and Diane took April and me to a little restaurant, which was built like a traditional thatched roof hut, in Maap (pronounced "Mop"). We enjoyed a wonderful fish dinner. When we finished eating we went down to the beach; the night sky opened up before us like all the diamonds of Tiffany's thrown across black velvet. It was one of the most amazing displays of stars I have ever seen. We reverently sang "Silent Night" before returning home.
Cherith Zimmer on the steps to the restarurant. I took this picture to demonstrate the island custom of taking off your zories before entering a house. In Yap we also did this before going into restaurants, stores, and churches.

Me and April outside the restaurant:

Later that night a friend of the Zimmer's brought over some fish that he had caught that day. I got to watch Mark skin and fillet the fish. It was pretty cool.

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