Monday, March 03, 2008

Impressions of the beach

I'm no poet, but someday, I'd like to write about the beautiful morning I spent at the beach. A couple of friends and I ran for a while and then found a favorite spot on the beach to read our Bibles and spend time with the Lord. What a refreshing way to spend the morning! When I came home, my soul was still and I didn't want that special time with God to stop, so I read my Bible for another hour. The papers could wait!

Leaning against a smooth, hard palm tree in the shade of another
Constantly adjusting my position for the coral rocks and ants
Bothersome flies
Palm trees as far as the eye can see on either side of me
The sun filtering through the brittle brown leaves and the wind rippling through the husky, stiff fronds
Dry wind whips sand into my eyes
Patches of rocks and rough sand
Wild, green growth forging its way to the sea
Aqua-green splashes on the shore
Rust-brown coral barrier
Peaceful lagoon
Waves crashing on the reef
Deep blue stretching out to the horizon, where it meets the pale blue sky with pinky-purple tones
Purple-grey clouds etched with dark blue-grey
Wispy white clouds casting faint shadows on the sea
Distant land in dusky grey hidden by splashes of salt sea mist
Far off city feels like another world
High-rise hotels and gourmet restaurants don't belong here
Just me, my God, a Bible and pen, and a tree to lean on
All is peace and rest, quiet in my soul
The gentle lulling roar of the ocean, the soft breeze, filtered sunlight, and lazy clouds--all remind me God loves me.
He is here.

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