Monday, March 03, 2008


This morning, while enjoying the beautiful scenery described below, I meditated on the seeming contradictions of God's nature. Our God is indescribable, but here's a feeble attempt.

He is powerful, but gentle.
He is a warrior, but kind.
He is jealous, but loving.
He is just, but merciful.
He is all wise, but communicates to the simple.
He is always at work, but brings peace.
He is strong, but cares for the weak.
He is deep, but knowable.
He is invisible, but I see Him everyday day.

He has no flaws, but understands my weaknesses.
He is a solid rock, but knows my insecurities.
He is a strong tower, but understands my fears.
He is perfect, but he dwells in corrupt temples.
He lives in heaven, but lives in me.

He rules over all, but is personal and intimate.
He commands nations, but welcomes His own.
He directs thousands of angels, but answers my prayers.
He is all-knowing, but wants me to pray to Him.
He is sovereign, but lets us choose.
He will destroy, but He creates new life every day.
He exposes the wicked, but shelters the helpless.
He breaks down the high places, but builds up His church.
He casts down the proud, but lifts up the humble.
He chips at the hard heart, but molds the soft.
He allows pain, but heals.
He convicts, but comforts.
He pours out His wrath on the heathen, but pours out His grace on His children.

He is God, but became man.
He is eternal, but created and lived in the temporal.
He was a carpenter, but is now King.
He was homeless, but now builds a home in heaven for me.
He made me, but redeemed me.
He is without sin, but took on the sins of the whole world.
He hates sin, but loves me.
He died, but lives.

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